The National Institute of Certified Floor-Covering Inspectors (NICFI) is a non-profit association of independent floor covering inspectors. NICFI members are expert flooring failure analysts and expert witnesses in flooring problems and failures.
NICFI members are experienced in the inspection and failure analysis of woven carpet, broadloom carpet, resilient tile, rubber tile, cork tile, ceramic tile, resilient sheet vinyl, vinyl composition tile, LVT, hardwood, laminate, solid vinyl,

and specialty flooring materials.
NICFI members attend the annual NICFI Convention in Dalton, Georgia, to increase their knowledge and update their skills. The Annual Convention includes updates on indicative field testing procedures, tools, products and product defects. The NICFI is the only Non-Profit Association in the Flooring Industry with membership comprised solely of Certified Floor Covering Inspectors.








Pvc Mat, Fiber Carpet, Rubber Mat, Non-woven Fabrics

PVC woven nets with the spunbonded nonwoven fabrics is a kind of new environment material, which is widely used as decoration in hotels, meeting room, houses and so on.   PVC woven nets are special products produced by shuttleless machine, which adopt the yarn with special cladding structure: PET yarn that is PVC coated. The core of the yarn is the high strength polyester industrial filament, while the surface of it is the material of PVC which features anti-aging and anti-UV.  After the coating of PVC and cindering, the polyester yarn changes into the compound yarn which is smooth in the surface, oil and water proof, innocuous, and cool. The yarns are woven by the loom and become finished products with advantages of bright color and non-fading, high tensile strength, oil and water proof, anti-UV, anti-aging, anti-abrasion, rot and chemical resistance, smooth, cool surface, with long service life and so on. For the perfect combination of these two kinds of materials, the PVC woven products are outstanding among others, therefore, PVC woven products are widely used for outdoor chairs, beach chair and so on.  This kind of materials can be used as decoration wallpaper with the characteristics of refinement, aesthetic, and comfort.