The National Institute of Certified Floor-Covering Inspectors (NICFI) is a non-profit association of independent floor covering inspectors. NICFI members are expert flooring failure analysts and expert witnesses in flooring problems and failures.
NICFI members are experienced in the inspection and failure analysis of woven carpet, broadloom carpet, resilient tile, rubber tile, cork tile, ceramic tile, resilient sheet vinyl, vinyl composition tile, LVT, hardwood, laminate, solid vinyl,

and specialty flooring materials.
NICFI members attend the annual NICFI Convention in Dalton, Georgia, to increase their knowledge and update their skills. The Annual Convention includes updates on indicative field testing procedures, tools, products and product defects. The NICFI is the only Non-Profit Association in the Flooring Industry with membership comprised solely of Certified Floor Covering Inspectors.









One of many accepted floorings used in the houses at this time are rubber floor tiles. It was initially used for commercial and industrial objectives only. This flooring is developing reputation from design experts, interiors designers as well as other types of buyers because of the following beneficial factors: safety, durability, variation and environment friendly.

Safety. In areas where wet floors is patterned, unpreventable or even studded rubber is advised to guarantee protection. This is especially true inside your children’s playroom to avoid accidents. Rehabilitation centers, Gyms and also other training facilities work with this in order to avoid slippage among its customers, which could reduce possible deformities and also other major medical issues. As an example, in physical rehabilitation centers where there are regular exercise routines that need moving and walking, a smooth walkway is dangerous. Decreasing unneeded noises is an additional benefit of the product which is mainly the issue of dancing rehearsal studios and various other rehearsal facilities.

Durability. High quality rubber flooring tiles survive much more than ten years with even a very little routine maintenance. They’re tough and burn resistant which is better to workrooms. Several items have built-in self-releasing wax that allows some rubber flooring to self recover nearly all abrasions and scratches. Carefully mopping, sweeping and also wiping would help maintain the item’s durability.

Variation. You can find a broad variety of rubber flooring which usually available in various colors and sizes which it is possible to select from based on your requirements. Colors may be streaked, patterned, solid and lined. A mixture of these could present ornamental functions. Both outdoor and indoor floor tiles are offered. Types of surface also come in round stud, smooth and diamond grip. Prices needless to say vary depending on the design, manufacturer, thickness and dimension.

Environment friendly. Many of the floor tiles today are actually synthetic and man made. Using the technological innovations that are connecting on in the industries, makers are selecting modern procedures and equipment to work with recycled components in the creation of rubber tiles. By doing this, trees are no longer needed to be sourced out for their rubber sap and our issues with non biodegradable waste materials are resolved.

Rubber flooring is actually created from the rubber tree which is a fully recyclable product so it furthermore makes you beneficial to our environment. This kind of flooring type minimizes noise in almost any area it is put into, and is also easier than you think to install. If you work with this flooring material, you’ll be happy with its anti static features, specially when you’re initially laying down the flooring.

Rubber flooring is usually cheap maintenance however it is crucial to completely clean and maintain it appropriately. Cleaning will involve mopping, sweeping and also working with a wax stripper sometimes. Rubber may be harmed by nasty cleaners and it’s also essential to hunt for cleaners that rubber safe.

A very important factor to think about when buying rubber floor is the fact that numerous people feel that the rubber puts off a smell while other people believe there isn’t any smell. When examining rubber floor, spend some time to smell the location you are in as well as smell the actual flooring to find out if you think it may be an issue.

Generally, although rubber flooring may be less affordable to purchase it may be a great investment option for people searching for a long-lasting, green, as well as low maintenance flooring. It will also be very easily installed, more comfortable plus attractive just like allure flooring in their houses.